Full-Featured Stock Market Software for Mac OS X

Trade and invest from your Mac! SystemTrader has it all:

  • High-quality charting and technical analysis software
  • Powerful stock screener with real-time functionality
  • Complete investment portfolio tracker
  • Blazing fast trading system backtester

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Features A complete and powerful feature set.

The tools for stock market success

  • Charting and technical analysis to study the evolution of price and volume.
  • Watchlists to focus on your favorite subset of the market.
  • Stock screener to find promising trading opportunities.
  • Portfolio tracking to monitor your performance over time.
  • Backtesting software to evaluate your trading system's profitability.


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Pricing and Packages

  • Demonstration

    Try SystemTrader risk-free for 30 days. A full-featured download with real-time and intraday features.


  • SystemTrader End-Of-Day

    For the investor or individual trader: all the tools you need at an affordable price.


  • SystemTrader Intraday

    For power traders: real-time intraday data gives you the full power of SystemTrader.



SystemTrader (v1.5.5)

Latest Features:

  • Interactive Brokers support. Connect to IB TWS to get real-time and intraday charts, watch-lists and stock screeners.
  • Mouse-driven chart navigation. Zoom in and out, and move inside any stock chart with a simple drag-and-drop.

Release Notes:

  • The software follows the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Free upgrades. Constantly improving your stock trading experience.
Minimum Requirements Recommended
Operating System Mac OS X v. 10.7 or later Mac OS X v. 10.9 or later
Computer Processor Any 64-bit Intel Processor Any 64-bit Intel Processor
Computer Memory 512 MB 1024 MB
Hard-Drive Space 100 MB 200 MB
Screen Resolution 1024x768 pixels 1280x1024 pixels
Internet Connection Cable or DSL Cable or DSL
SystemTrader v1.5.5 Released - Available for Mac OS X (10.7 to 10.10). Download the 30-day free trial now.

SystemTrader for OS X

The tools you need for successful stock investment and trading.

SystemTrader is not only a charting software, it also allows you to track your portfolio, to backtest your trading systems, and to scan the stock market for opportunities.

SystemTrader is a native Mac application and follows the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. In other words, it looks and behaves the way Mac software is supposed to.

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Download the 30-day free trial

Try SystemTrader for 30 days risk-free. With a fast 22MB download and a simple drag-and-drop installation, most users have SystemTrader installed in less than one minute.


  • Mac trading software SystemTrader
  • Easy to use
    With SystemTrader's innovative ticker tree, thousands of stock charts are just a few clicks away.
  • Powerful
    Design your own indicators and trading systems with no limit but your imagination.
  • Fast
    SystemTrader starts fast and runs fast. Backtests, charts, and market screenings are all optimized and responsive.