Software Features

SystemTrader: complete investment solutions for the Mac.

  • Designed for both power and ease of use. Visual assistants help beginners do common tasks while advanced users can leverage powerful tools such as the Trading System Language (TSL). Every feature is fast and optimized.
  • A tool for each step of your trading journey. From designing your trading system to tracking your portfolio, SystemTrader makes the process straightforward and enjoyable.
  • Free automatic upgrades. Whenever SystemTrader's feature set is expanded, you have the option to upgrade.
    • Charting

    Charting and technical analysis

    What is the current market sentiment? The trend? The next resistance? Use technical analysis software to find better entry points or to apply a trading system.

    SystemTrader's charts are both straightforward and highly customizable. More than 50 technical indicators are provided and you can build countless others using SystemTrader's language and assistants. Drawing tools such as trendlines, channels, and Fibonacci levels also help you define trends and resistances. Watch your indicators move along with price and volume with streaming real-time analysis.

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    • Watch-list


    You cannot trade the whole stock market. What is your sector, your circle of competence? Watchlists allow you to focus on that subset.

    With SystemTrader, you can create as many watchlists as you want. Watchlists display the information you need about a set of stock tickers: prices, volumes, variations since the previous day, and much more, including the value of any indicator. Realtime streaming analysis let you know at a glance what is happening in your preferred market sector.

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    • Script editor

    Stock screener

    Finding the perfect investment can be time consuming. Screening stocks allows you to spend your time only on the most promising opportunities.

    Every watchlist in SystemTrader comes with a powerful and highly optimized stock screener. Visual assistants help you create simple filtering conditions while the TSL language allows you to make complex stock screenings. The screener lets you focus on those promising stocks that match your criteria. And with real-time data the screening of stocks is done in real-time too.

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    • Max Adverse Excursion

    Portfolio tracking

    To improve, you need to know how well you are doing. How does your portfolio compare to the market? What went right and what went wrong in your trades?

    SystemTrader evaluates not only how well your portfolio is performing now, but also how your performance is evolving over time with charts such as the equity curve, drawdowns, monthly ROIs, gross profit, gross loss or profit factor. Performance numbers (T-Statistic, etc.) as well as the status of each of your positions are other valuable metrics that help you monitor your trading.

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    • Monthly & yearly ROI


    Most trading systems simply do not work. When a system does work, changing markets can remove its edge. In all cases, if you use technical analysis you positively need to backtest your strategy.

    SystemTrader features portfolio-level backtesting on an unlimited number of stock tickers. Assistants help you build simple trading systems, or you can make more complex strategies using the TSL language. In just a few moments, dozens of statistics and performance curves allow you to decide whether your system is suitable for real-life trading.

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    * Backtesting a trading system is testing its performance on historical data. The fact that a trading system demonstrated good performance in the past does not necessarily mean it will perform as well in the future.