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How to Browse Available Tickers

With SystemTrader, thousands of stock tickers and their charts are just a few click away.

Be sure to be connected to the Internet before trying to browse tickers.

Step 1: Expand the Data-Source

The following sources allow the browsing of tickers:

  • Google Finance
  • MSN Money
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Pi Trading

These can be found in the sidebar, under TICKERS. Expand a data-source by clicking on the disclosure triangle on its left.

Step 2: Expand the Source Folders

Folders within data-sources allow you to browse available tickers. Click on their disclosure triangles to download and access sub-folders.

Go deeper within these folders until a dialog appears and automatically downloads stock tickers.

Step 3: Scroll

Once the tickers are downloaded, they appear in the list-view. Use the vertical scroll-bar to browse all the tickers inside this folder.

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