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How to Connect To Interactive Brokers Real-time Data

To connect to Interactive Brokers you need both SystemTrader Intraday and an account at Interactive Brokers.

Step 1: Install and Launch IB TWS

The IB Trader Workstation (TWS) is needed to get data from Interactive Brokers. Download the latest stand-alone or browser-based version here.

Launch IB TWS and keep it running during the following steps.

Step 2: Allow SystemTrader to Connect to Interactive Brokers

Open the main window of IB TWS. Check Configure > API > Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients.

You should be able to skip this step next time you want to connect to IB.

Step 3: Create a Stock Ticker

Open SystemTrader. In the sidebar, under TICKERS, click on Interactive Brokers.

Choose File > Add a new ticker. A text control appears in the list-view: use it to enter a stock symbol1) and press ENTER. Select the ticker in the pop-up menu.

Step 4: Accept the Connection

At this point, a dialog from IB TWS asking “Accept incoming connection attempt?” should appear. Click Yes to accept the connection with IB.

The real-time prices and volumes of the stock appears in the list-view.

Step 5: Open the Realtime Intraday Chart

Double-click on the stock ticker to open its chart.

In the chart toolbar, select 1 minute as the timeframe.

1) For example: AAPL.
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