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How to Create a New Portfolio of Stocks

Most portfolio trackers are position-based. SystemTrader's portfolio tracker is trade-based, which means you must enter separately the entry and exit trades of each position.

Entering each trade may take more time initially but it allows SystemTrader to compute more advanced statistics about the performance of your portfolio and curves showing how this performance evolves over time.

Step 1: Create and Name the Portfolio

In the sidebar, under PORTFOLIOS, click Create new portfolio….

Give a name to the new portfolio then press ENTER.

Step 2: Set your Account Parameters

At the bottom of the list-view, use the controls to set:

  1. The initial equity of your stock trading account
  2. The main currency of your account
  3. The default trade commission of your broker

Step 3: Enter Trades & Dividends

In the list-view, click on [ Click here to add a new trade… ].

For each trade made from your stock trading account (and each dividend received), enter:

  1. Symbol: The stock symbol 1)
  2. Entry time: The date of the trade or dividend
  3. Type: The direction of the trade, Buy or Sell (or Dividend if appropriate)
  4. Shares: The number of shares
  5. Filled: The fill price of the trade (or dividend per share)
  6. Commission: The corresponding commission amount (or dividend tax)
  7. Currency rate: The currency rate if the stock is priced in a foreign currency 2).
  8. Note: A personal note about this particular trade or dividend (optional)

Step 4: Enter Other Profits, Losses and Transactions

SystemTrader will automatically compute your profits and losses from trades, trade commissions and dividends. However, you may want to enter additional expenses, incomes, or transactions.

In the Portfolio > Add a new transaction menu, choose the type of transaction you want to take into account:

  1. Deposit: Cash you added to your account (counted as neither a profit nor a loss).
  2. Withdrawal: Cash you took out of your account (counted as neither a profit nor a loss).
  3. Interest Received: Interests paid to you (counted as a profit).
  4. Interest Paid: Interests paid to your broker (counted as a loss).
  5. Broker Fee: Broker fees, excluding trade commissions (counted as a loss).
  6. Tax: Miscellaneous taxes on your stock portfolio (counted as a loss).
  7. Other Profit: Profits that cannot be computed otherwise by SystemTrader.
  8. Other Loss: Losses that cannot be computed otherwise by SystemTrader.

For each profit, loss or transaction, enter:

  1. Entry time: The time of the transaction.
  2. Filled: The amount of money involved.
  3. Currency rate: The currency rate if the transaction happened in a foreign currency.
  4. Note: A personal note about this particular transaction (optional)
1) Then select the appropriate ticker in the pop-up menu.
2) This should be equal to the (Trade Currency)/(Account Currency) rate at the time of the trade. For example, if the trade was made on Euronext from a US account, the rate of the EUR/USD currency pair would be used.
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