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How to Download a Whole Source Folder

SystemTrader allows you to download at once all the sub-folders and stock tickers contained in any source folder (except for data-sources themselves, which contain too much data to be downloaded at once).

Step 1: Select the Folder

In the sidebar, select the folder you want to download in whole1).

Step 2: Launch the Download

Choose Tickers > Download whole folder.

Depending on your connection and the size of the folder, the download may take from a few seconds to several hours. You can stop it at anytime with the Cancel button. Since downloading sub-folders is a lot slower than downloading stock tickers, the pace of the download accelerates substantially once all the folders are downloaded2).

1) For example, click on TICKERSYahoo! Finance - Stocks (US)Per IndexUSNASDAQNASDAQ-100.
2) The first few tickers may also download slowly.
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