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How to Download and Install SystemTrader

Step 1: Download SystemTrader

Click here to download SystemTrader.

It typically takes about one minute to download the 20 MB file on a DSL or cable connection.

Step 2: Install SystemTrader

Before installing, you may have a look at the system requirements.

If Safari is your web browser, Mac OS X will automatically open the installation disk image after the download. If however you are not running Safari or the disk image is not automatically opened, then double-click on the file once the download is finished.

From the disk image that was opened, drag the SystemTrader icon to where you want the software to be installed. If you want to install it in the Applications folder, then simply drag the SystemTrader icon onto the Applications icon.

Step 3: Launch SystemTrader

If this is the first time you launch SystemTrader, you need to connect to the Internet so that the software can check how much evaluation time you have.

Go to the Applications folder, and double-click on the SystemTrader icon.

A dialog appears. Click on Try It.

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