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How to Further Customize a Stock Chart


To customize the chart colors (background, bars, etc.), click on the color icon in the toolbar.

Bar Style

To change the style of market bars, use the corresponding choice in the toolbar:

  • Close: Curve of the close prices
  • High-Low: Curves of the high and low prices
  • HLC: Bars with High, Low and Close prices
  • Colored HLC: Bars with High, Low and Close prices, colored when the price is down
  • HLOC: Bars with High, Low, Open and Close prices
  • Candlesticks: Japanese Candlesticks


Frames are independent displays within a chart. One main price frame is generally used in conjunction with a volume frame, and additional frames for oscillators.

To add a frame, click Add New Frame, and select its kind:

  • Price: To display prices and technical indicators
  • Volume: To display volumes
  • Oscillators: To display stock market oscillators
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