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Learning the Basic Features of the TSL Language

The TSL language is based on Python, which is renowned for its clear syntax and simplicity. Every feature of Python can be used from TSL, but the language also provides new keywords and functionalities to make building trading systems and technical indicators easy.

To understand the TSL language, you do not need to be a seasoned programmer but you must learn some of the basics of Python.

Experiment with Python

SystemTrader provides you with a Python (and TSL) Interpreter. In the sidebar, under UTILITIES, click TSL Interpreter. This allows you to experiment with Python. Try for example:

>>> a = 3
>>> a + a
>>> a * 5

You only need to understand a small subset of Python, which is mostly covered in the two following tutorials:

If you want to learn about more advanced features, you can always refer to the Python Documentation.

Experiment with Technical Indicators

Every built-in indicator in SystemTrader is provided with its full TSL code.

In the sidebar, click SYSTEMS & INDICATORS, then double-click on any indicator to see its TSL code. You can re-use this code to make your own indicators.1)

Once you are familiar with the basics, learn more about special_tsl_features_for_technical_indicators2).

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