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How to Navigate Inside a Stock Chart

Set the Level of Zoom

When you zoom in and out a chart, you change how much market time is displayed from its left side to its right side.

To change the level of zoom, click on the zoom-in and zoom-out icons in the toolbar, or drag a point in the time bar at the bottom of the chart. You can also use the zoom-box tool in the toolbar.

Select the Time-Frame

The time-frame is how much market time each bar or candlestick represents. For example, in a “1 week” chart, bars display the open, high, low and close prices of each week. Setting a lower time-frame allows you to get a more accurate picture of price changes.

To set the time-frame, use the time-frame choice in the chart toolbar.

Browse Market Data

To move the period of time displayed, use the horizontal scroll-bar at the bottom, or drag any point inside the chart.

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