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How to Screen Stocks Using the Screener Assistant

The stock screener allows you to filter stocks according to custom conditions. It is available in every watchlist and source folder.

Step 1: Select the Watchlist to Screen

In the sidebar, select the watchlist or source folder in which you want to screen stocks1).

Step 2: Open the Screener Assistant

At the bottom of the list-view, on the right side of Filter when:, click on the drop-down button.

A menu appears: click Assistant….

Step 3: Create the Screening Condition

A screening condition is made of one or more comparisons. To enable an additional comparison, single click on the corresponding AND: checkbox on its left.

Use the drop-down menus to select the left and right operands of each comparison, then choose the appropriate comparison operators.

Click OK to finish and create the screening condition.

Step 4: Launch the Stock Screening

Check the Filter when: check-box.

Any needed ticker data is automatically downloaded, then the screening is performed.

1) It should preferably contain at least a few dozens of stock tickers.
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